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Suzan McEvoy (she/her)… You already know I’m an award winning event photographer – that’s why you’re here.   But there are 100’s of photographers out there, so why pick me?

I’m a natural born people person – my mother would say I could get the life history of someone in record time.   I have 30+ years’ experience in customer service industries.  Heck, I worked a Help Desk and was an ‘Escalation Manager’ where service challenges were sent when others couldn’t resolve them. Shyness is not my thing!  I’m described, by my clients, as “easy to work with”, “cool, calm & collected”, “a problem solver”, and have a great sense of humour which can usually diffuse tension in no time at all.  I’ve been known to straighten cutlery, lay out client gifts, notify planners of potential issues before clients are aware of them, and still ‘get the shot’.

Event photography came about when I was given a media pass to World Skills 2009 and asked to capture everything from blank canvas to motorcycles leaping through hoops of fire.  I was hooked!  Calgary has an incredible event industry.  (My memberships in ILEA, MPI, Tourism Calgary and The Calgary Chamber attest to that!) I spent 4 years as part of the official Globalfest photography team.  Guest speakers, politicians, royalty, cool entertainers, blazing fireworks, happy couples, grateful guests, educators, philanthropists and some incredible behind-the-scenes work to pull events and weddings together, all grace my extensive portfolio.

Event photography is as much about the psychology of people – knowing where to look and when, as it is about technical skills.

Photography is my passion. I’m not doing this because it’s ‘just a job’ – I traded 8 hours of ‘day job’ to run my own business!  I do it because standing behind the camera is one of the things I love most. I thrive on being part of the emotion and energy of a special day.  I’m a firm believer in, and vocal supporter of, diversity and inclusion.  Everyone is welcome in front of my camera!  Since COVID-19 shut everything down, I’ve been an active part of the Alberta Live Events Coalition who is working hard to get the government to help us reopen live events safely!

I’m a mother of a 2 adult children and wife of 30+ years.  The family wouldn’t be complete without the zoo – 4 cats, 2 dogs, a ball python, a blue-tongued skink, numerous geckos, a variety of fresh & saltwater fish, and the longest living hermit crabs ever!  The cats and dogs are all rescues along with a few of the fish and some of the hermit crabs.

Intrigued… let’s get together and chat.  An old-fashioned phone call is a great starting point, but maybe we could do coffee, tea, or start with an email…  Click here!  



  • 2021 Winner: “Best ILEA Team Effort – Drive Thru Grad” – ILEA Esprit Awards
  • 2020 Finalist – Canadian Special Event Industry – Best Event Photography
  • 2018 Winner – Canadian Special Event Industry – Best Event Photography – $98,000 Dream Wedding
  • 2018 Winner – Calgary Event Awards – Outstanding Supplier, Photography & Video
  • 2017 Finalist – Canadian Special Event Industry – Best Event Photography
  • 2017 Finalist – Calgary Event Awards
  • 2016 Winner – Canadian Special Event Industry – Best Event Photography.
  • 2016 Finalist – ILEA Esprit Awards, Best Event Photography
  • 2015 Finalist – Canadian Special Event Industry – Best Event Photography.
  • 2015 Winner – MPI Rising Star Award
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