Canada Day Celebrations around Calgary

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Twenty four years ago, following a 4-year stint in the UK, I returned to Calgary not just to see my family, but to introduce my husband to his new home. The day after we arrived, Canada celebrated her 125th birthday (1992) so one of his first Canadian memories was eating birthday in Prince’s Island Park.

Although we’ve celebrated here and there, it’s been a long time since we checked out the Canada Day activities. I’m not even sure we’ve taken the kids. (I was never a fan of crowds with small children). We started at Prince’s Island hoping to take in the native powwow. Unfortunately the dancers hadn’t begun, so we carried on to Chinatown enjoying Canada Geese, street performers along the way, and a deliciously warm summer day.

Despite opening the year of our return, I still hadn’t visited the Chinese Culture Centre, so it was an opportunity not to be missed. A photography exhibit was an added bonus. Chinatown’s ‘not the night-time’ street market, with displays of various Asian arts, and the waft of street food drifting by, added atmosphere.

We completed our meander in the heart of the downtown pedestrian area where crowds abounded, musicians played, vendors hawked their wares, and everyone showed their Canadian pride.

I’m so grateful to live in a country of freedom, with relatively low crime rates, gun control, and Calgary, a diverse city embracing multiculturalism.  So glad I chose to celebrate this year!


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  • Johanna Bradley

    Good time had by all! 🙂

    • SuzanMcEvoy

      Everyone was enjoying themselves – except perhaps my hubby as I stopped to snap one too many pics. 😉

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