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Last week’s photography fun was Raine Energy’s networking meetup.  In addition to awesome people, a presentation about effectively networking, and a fundraiser/awareness session for The Alzheimer Society, the highlight for me was the introduction to Drum Circles.

Drums have existed in nearly every culture for over 6000 years and, in addition to musical applications,  have been used in medicinal, celebrational, spiritual, sacred, ceremonial and dance rituals.

Facilitated by Judy Atkinson, the founder of Circles of Rhythm, participants were encouraged to choose from the African Djembe, the brightly coloured floor standing Cuban, or the handheld Native Indian style drums.

Judy has numerous articles on the benefits of drumming, and holds a public Drum Circle in Inglewood every Friday night, but in the interest of brevity,  how does reducing personal stress, relaxing, decreasing blood pressure,  and bringing inspiration, celebration and joy sound for starters?  (They also make great corporate team building exercises.)

So with a BOOM, BOOM, BOOM I take you through a brief photographic journey into our experience.  Imagine everyone coming together in rhythm, eyes closed, absorbing the beats of the drums, rattles and other percussion intruments chiming in; crescendos of noise cresting and waning to nothing but a low murmur.  Next time (and there will be a next time), I’ll be ditching the camera, and going hands on…

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  • diannegray

    I remember many years ago going to see an African band who manly used drums in their music. It was absolutely fantastic! There is something so ancient about listening to drums and the way they can control your heartbeat and sooth the mind. They kind of ‘take you to that place’ – hard to explain, but it’s beautiful 😉

    Great pics – I love the tall coloured drums 😉

    • Photos With Finesse

      Me too – when she told my they were from Cuba I was immediately transported back to my one and only trip there about 10 years ago! Amazing place – so much character, culture and music! Need to go back with the family soon.

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