Shhhh – it’a secret – the Fantin Family photos…

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Why is it secret you ask?  Because these lovely ladies are going to feature in a surprise Christmas present – most likely a photo on canvas – but hubby/dad musn’t know!  Mom and I agreed chances of him seeing it on my blog are slim and none, but we’re keeping it well and truly away from my Photos With Finesse Facebook page.

That said, if by some miracle you know the family, pleeeeeease don’t say a word until after December 25th. 😀

Dad is an outdoorsman and we decided he’d love to see his family in natural settings.  So, braving -14C with a windchill, and tiptoeing across freezing rain under snow we hit the somewhat decimated – unknown to us – Bowness Park. (Undergoing structural transformation and all my favourite spots are closed!)  Grey skies and snowy backgrounds really helped make the colourful sweaters and scarves pop.

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  • diannegray

    I won’t say a word! Beautiful pics 😉

  • Photos With Finesse

    LOL – thanks Dianne. This world is way smaller than we think – I’ll never forget the day I was walking down Oxford Street in London, England and heard my name being called. I ignored it for a bit until I was ‘mugged’ by somebody I went to University with in Calgary. And there have been many more such ‘coincidences’ over the years.

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