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Pumpkin Spewies

I’ve been a bit neglectful of the blog the past couple of weeks – putting my feet up, literally, after an incident involving a snowy day, a rogue thermos and a trip to ER.  But what better way to get back in the groove than wishing everyone a Happy Halloween.

In the early years my hubby and I were avid pumpkin carvers.  The tots came along and, with full-time jobs on top of parenting, we became lazy.  Good old Michael’s had fake, carveable pumpkins.  Woohoo – or perhaps ‘who knew’.  We picked a couple of favourite patterns (Ghosts around a campfire, and Frankenstein), and away we went.  As everyone else in the neighbourhood is our age, they’d forget from year to year they had seen them before – and we’d somewhat greedily reap the praise about our ‘awesome pumpkins’.

Over the past couple of years our teenaged son has taken over Halloween.  He looks sweet and innocent, but has rather a warped sense of humour.  Pumpkins spewing their guts or pumpkin brains seem to be more the norm.  My daughter is happier with a softer animal theme.  So, in honour of Halloween I’ll share some of the creativity.

Happy Halloween everyone.  Stay safe and warm, and keep your pets indoors. 🙂

Blowing the brains out – with the two Michael’s pumpkins, and a cute little puppy dog behind.

Slightly closer version of the ‘gun shot’ – the little pumpkin is screaming.

Last year we had a prisoner behind bars.

And finally ‘boo’ kitty.

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  • diannegray

    These are fantastic! You’re certainly a very creative family 😉

    I really hope you’re okay after the ‘incident’! 🙁

  • Photos With Finesse

    Thanks Dianne. You should see my daughter’s graphic art. Another artistic talent!
    As for the leg – ruptured the muscle connected to the Achilles tendon. It’s healing – slowly (and I’m impatient.) Was told today 6-8 weeks. At least I ditched the crutches on the weekend and am now just walking gingerly thanks to a very competent physio! 🙂

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