Travel Theme Breathe – Reader Rock Garden, Calgary

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Ailsa’s travel theme this week was ‘Breathe‘.  It’s something we all forget to do.   April was a particularly challenging month as I threw my back out right before shooting a major conference and it was tax season, adding to the pain.

The bright spot was the incredibly warm spring weather – including blasting a 100 year old record out of the air! (+27C when our average is +12C!).  Trees leafed out a month early, and spring flowers were blooming in abundance.  A gorgeous, but windy day led to a calm clear evening.  My daughter and I decided to take our senior dog, Ohinga (11 years old with severe arthritis in her back end) for a ride in the car, and a short jaunt around Reader Rock Garden.   We were delighted she’s still with us after a rough few months early last year.  (P.S. She’s Corgi, Golden & Chow – we get asked a lot!)

So we inhaled the scents of Mayday trees in full bloom, fresh leaves and sap on the air, and unwound completely.  Noting a potentially pretty sunset, we detoured home to one of my favourite west facing residential viewpoints.


Crabapple Blossoms




Allium flowers.


Mayday blossoms. These smell heavenly.


Tiniest Columbine I’ve ever seen.


Sunset Silhouettes


Serene Sunset

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  • Dianne

    Glorious photos, Suzan. I love the one of your daughter and Ohinga. Just as an aside, my dog had sever arthritis and I tried everything (including vet injections and a dog chiropractor and nothing worked. The only step left, according to the vet, was to have her out down) so I put her on New Zealand green lipped muscle (you can get it in tablets or dog choc drop form) and she’s is amazingly healthy, pain free and very free moving now. It’s amazing stuff and really worth a try 🙂

    • SuzanMcEvoy

      Wow! Thanks for that. She’s pain managed with a combination of Metacam and Gabapentin, but the spikes on her hip x-rays are super jagged, so we know there’s no reversing it. But I’ll look at its availability here. She’s what our vet always referred to as an ‘orthopedic nightmare’ – Golden body on Corgi legs, so we never expected her to make it to 10 – so anything now is a bonus!

  • Johanna Bradley

    There’s never enough beauty in the world, is there, Suzan? Just stopping bt to see what you’ve been up to 🙂

    • SuzanMcEvoy

      I’ve had a crazy busy summer/fall shooting – now I just have to get back to blogging a lot of it!! We were out on Vancouver Island for 12 days, and I came back with some glorious images. (Cuba still needs to be blogged and it was now a year ago.) A hard drive crash set my good intentions for October back, but fortunately my somewhat haphazard backup plan proved itself worthy, if not pretty, and I only lost a couple of minor things! So hopefully soon you will see some scenic and work blogs appearing!

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