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Love this theme because it means I can showcase all the fabulous brides and grooms who have come my way.  It’s also prompting me to write a bridal showcase blog that’s been on my mental to-do list for quite some time.

There are some fabulous wedding photographers who love what they do.  Other photographers  quake in their boots at the prospect of shooting the ‘big day’ and avoid them like the plague.

I definitely fall into the ‘love’ category.  Watching & capturing the nerves, the excitement, the laughter,  the intimate moments, the emotion… fills me with a happiness I find hard to describe.  It amazes me I don’t bawl at each and every one because I’m a natural born cryer.

Are you contemplating booking a wedding photographer?  It can be a daunting task.  There are loads of photographers out there, many with similar styles and pricing.  How do you choose?   Wedding Bells provides a helpful list of questions to ask your potential photographers.

One of the questions I respond to most frequently (which is not on the list) is:

Do you do ‘fake shots’ e.g. fake entrances, fake first dances and fake cake cutting?  These brides-to-be have experienced a photographer determined to control every aspect of the day and get out of there at a set time.  Make sure your photographer explains their hours of coverage and if your cake cutting runs over what their charges for extra hours are.  Better yet, a photographer (or your wedding planner) will have suggestions on how to handle timing for all three.  I often recommend the cake cutting be done before the first dance so that the guests who leave when the music starts get to see the event.

And if you only want minimal coverage, don’t be afraid to ask.  Some photographers wont touch them.   I actually love the ‘2-hour’ weddings.  Some of them are amazingly creative and we pack a lot into that shooting time.

To see some of my other wedding photography blogs:  Try Friend, Foe or Photographer (about hiring a friend to shoot the wedding) or The Knot’s List of Wedding Photography Mistakes.

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  • diannegray

    These pictures are great. It must be so wonderful taking snaps and sharing that special day with others 😉

  • Photos With Finesse

    Thanks Dianne! I love my job. 🙂

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