Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life (Calgary’s Lilac Festival)

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For me, Street Life is all about the hustle and bustle, the people interactions, the side scenes, a face standing out, and celebrating the enjoyment of life.  That may be the opposite of street life to some photojournalists, many of whom use it to showcase the daily struggles.    My sense optimism prefers the former.

These images were captured last spring at Calgary’s Lilac Festival. Running for nearly 25 years, it was my first foray into the masses.  Not sure why I’d avoided it before but, although packed with people, I did love the energy!   Street performers, food trucks and merchants shared space with people, pets and kids.  It was also a gorgeously sunny mild spring day, an added bonus!


PS.  If you’re looking for a great event, 2014 would be a fantastic year to attend.  Not only, is it the 25th anniversary of Lilac Festival, the 4th Street business zone was hard hit by the 2013 Flood and is just getting back on it’s feet.  The local businesses could all use your support!

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  • Dianne

    I love this, Suzan – the streets are full of buzz and excitement (and that tree tattoo is great – even though I’m not in to tattoos) 😉

  • SuzanMcEvoy

    I love tattoos as art, but wouldn’t allow anyone near me with a needle to inject unknown substances into my skin LOL. That said, for those who do, go for it! (My brother has a massive one across his back and two more on his upper arms.) I see nothing wrong with them apart from the ‘bad decisions of some’, but get my hubby started – and whoa nelly, he’s a raging tattoo discriminator – “wouldn’t hire somebody with a bunch of tattoos”. So now if I really want to get under his skin, I get our daughter started on ‘what would you get tattooed’… Haha. It’s fun. And in the meantime, I get to admire them from behind a lens. 😀

  • Johanna Bradley

    I’m still having trouble with liking and commenting on your site, Suzan. Which is a shame because I hopped on to say how stunning your snow photos are, but quite relieved to be only viewing them online. 🙂 Spring must surely be on the way now!

    • SuzanMcEvoy

      Thanks Jo. It’s lush green and I had planned to put up a ‘green post’ this week. Going to be next week now, but it’s quite a contrast.

      I have tried everything with that Like button. I’m going back to my developer. I think it’s related to a theme! So it wouldn’t let you comment on the snow post at all, but let you comment on Lilac Festival. (Bangs head on desk because that makes no sense LOL!)

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