Weekly Travel Theme: Foliage

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Ailsa’s weekly travel theme focuses on foliage this week.  As Albertans only have about 5 months of foliage per year (May through September) if we’re lucky, we enjoy it while we can.  I love fall foliage (just keep hitting next to see plenty of examples), but lush greens fresh after a rain, or frost tipped leaves are just as fascinating as sweeping panoramas of glowing golds.

Lush greens glisten with raindrops after a tropical shower in Mexico.

These Hosta at the Reader Rock Garden in Calgary shimmer after an overnight shower.

These Sweetgum leaves near Baton Rouge, Louisiana glow in the afternoon sun.

A light frosting highlights these leaves and morning sun makes everything sparkle.

Early morning light highlights silvery leaves after a light frost.

The first snow delicately balances on fall coloured leaves and branches.

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  • greenlightlady

    My favorite is the Hosta one – It is beautiful!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  • Jennifer Avventura

    And my favourite is the last one. Delicate snow on delicate branches! Nicely done.

    • Photos With Finesse

      Thanks Jennifer – unless I move, I may as well make the most of the snow LOL.

      • Jennifer Avventura

        That is something I’ve always done. I could never handle the hard, long cold winters in Ontario!

  • Max510

    Wow ! All shots are gorgeous ! Great !

  • Inge

    I just love it! 🙂

    • Photos With Finesse

      Thanks Inge. We do pretty well out here – would be perfect if we got reds like they do down east. I want a northeastern US trip in the fall sometime!

  • SmallHouseBigGarden

    All are beautiful in very unique ways. You have a wonderful eye!

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