Backroads, a pandemic, and spring in Alberta…

How It Started Head back to May 2020… we’d been locked down for 6 weeks.  Tax season was over (and my taxes were actually done before they extended the deadline.)  April had sucked weather wise, and it was too early to work in the garden as frosty nights were still a thing!   I’d been out […]

The Story Behind the Photo: Ombre Obsession

Our entire trip (August 2019) to the Oregon coast had been filled with blazing sunsets and long lasting rich deep colours. Locals told us virtually no evening sea mist was a rarity, as were the constant mid 20’s (celsius) temps. An impromptu drive up to the Heceta Head State Scenic Viewpoint to stretch our legs […]

The Story Behind the Photo: The Hazy Days of Summer

How It Started Drives with photography friends are the best! Nobody rolls their eyes at ‘just one more stop’ or ‘OMG, you have to stop here. Driver and passenger are always in sync with desire, often spotting different aspects of the same scene. Brandie (one of the most creative and talented photographers I know) and […]