Backroads, even picking up eggs can be fun!

How on earth can popping out for eggs turn into a photographic journey you ask? Quite simple really. You have a friend who lives in Airdrie (about 20 minutes via one scenic route), who picks up eggs from the Hutterite Colony for you. Then, because it’s +36C when you leave, and the A/C in the […]

The Story Behind the Photo: This Sky Is On Fire

I was returning from an intimate event where I’d captured a few decor images.  A retirement party for an industry friend.  Another strange moment of 2020.  Working in a huggy industry and not wanting to be hugged.  Masks were on unless eating and drinking, but social distancing was 100% not happening.  Today is the one […]

Canada Day – your journey is not the same as mine…

The quote above hit home this week.   I’ve been struggling with my national pride for quite some time.  Whilst I’m incredibly grateful to live in a country like Canada, with the many advantages it has, I haven’t been proud to be a Canadian for a couple of years at least. Canada Day has never been […]