Backroads Drive – There are antelope in Alberta – who knew?!!

Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam, And the deer and the antelope play…  (Western folk song by Daniel E. Kelley and Brewster M. Higley – 1872-ish.)   I promise I will write the full story of this trip soon.  Last week hubby and I were in Cypress Hills Provincial Park.  This particular […]

Backroads Drives – Ellis Bird Farm

Northeast of Red Deer lies a gem of a bird and wildlife sanctuary whose mandate is education, conservation, scientific studies, and winter studies.  Ellis Bird Farm has been in operation since the mid-50’s and pioneered a natural habitat, a haven to Tree Swallows and Mountain Bluebirds.   It’s a beautiful drive if you’re look for a […]

The Story Behind the Photo: Dahlias Galore

I usually only use one pic for the ‘The Story Behind’ posts.  But when there are 200+ Dahlia pics to choose from, it really is hard to stop at just one!  So this has to be one of the few times a Facebook sponsored ad actually worked.  We were on vacation in Rhododendron, Oregon, in […]