Authentic Western Productions & Banff Trail Riders – Pig Roast & Barn Dance

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There’s nothing like a change of scenery to shake off a grumpy mood, so Friday night’s event in Banff was the perfect end to a messed up day!  I’ve been working with Authentic Western Productions (AWP) for over a year now as their dress-up booth photographer – thoroughly enjoy every minute.   This is not your standard ‘pose against a corporate backdrop in your finest gear’ wall.  Guests select from an extensive western wardrobe, complete with ‘weaponry’ ranging from nooses to pistols, then pose with the authentically clad western characters against a stunning wooden bar, or olden days backdrop. Beaming smiles abound – even when they’re attempting to look fierce.

Friday night’s event was partnered with Banff Trail Riders – their first annual Pig Roast and Barn Dance, at Warner Stables, a fundraiser in aid of First Responders.  AWP provided the western decor – ranging from wooden fences, to horse tack, wagon wheels, lanterns, and full size museum quality horses.  Whilst primary duties were the photobooth area, I was in a room with Cyclone the Mechanical Bull, Rick Bates the trick roper, Hal Eagletail from the Tsuu T’ina nation with his family dancers, and an open dance floor right in front of me.  My camera had plenty to take in – the couple from Canmore in the fanciest jeans ever cutting up the dance floor, the youngest and cutest cowgirl swaying to the footstomping music of The Hillside Collective, the fierce concentration as Cyclone was conquered. A great time was had by all ages.  My only regret was not capturing the pig on the spit as it roasted – but you’ll just have to take my word for it – that was the most tender, flavourful pork I’ve had in years.

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  • Johanna Bradley

    Good time by all! Love the little girl 🙂 She has style!

    • SuzanMcEvoy

      She was a sweetie for sure. Full of character and much of the time, dancing to her own melodies! 🙂

  • Addison

    Love the pics!

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