Jennifer & Jordan’s Engagement Shoot

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I love a wedding enquiry that starts with ‘I came across your website and was absolutely blown away by your wedding photos’…  That’s how I came to meet Jennifer & Jordan.

As with many grooms, Jordan wasn’t convinced he wanted photos taken.  I think he’d have preferred to be anywhere but in front of the camera.   In the name of love, he was happy to go along with Jennifer’s wishes!

Included in my full day wedding packages is a free engagement shoot.  Addressing such ‘fears’ is one of the key reasons I do it.  Not only does it help me get to know the bride & groom, it helps them get to know and feel comfortable with me before the big day.

In this instance we discovered a common bond in that we’re all ‘pet people’.   Belle & Tucker, the pooches, put in a stellar performance.  Nemo sprawled elegantly across the kitchen table – as only cats can.  And even shy Rocky appeared long enough to let me pet him – a rarity with strangers I understand…

It’s all about getting the bride and groom to feel relaxed and natural.  I’m open to their suggestions as well as providing some of my own.  When the big day comes, the couple is hopefully relaxed about their choice of photographer and can focus on what the day is all about – each other!

What can I do with my engagement photos, you ask?   Endless possibilities… use them on your ‘save-the-date’ announcements, your wedding invitations, your guest book, photobooks, mini albums, enlargements for your wall (how about a photo on canvas), photo boxes for your coffee table, great Christmas gifts for the parents and in-laws-to-be… or just look back and enjoy the moments.

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  • diannegray

    These are fantastic pictures, Suzan! I love the one of the dog licking Jennifer on the face – what an amazing action shot! 😀

  • Photos With Finesse

    Thanks Dianne. I love it when animals are involved – you never know where tongues are going to go next. I came home and found the last two pics unusuable because there was a large lick mark across the lens filter. Easily cleaned, but I hadn’t realized she’d made it up that high. 😀

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