The spirit of the west – photo booth fun!

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Diane and I met at a networking meeting and hit it off right away.  I was quite delighted when she approached me to do their western photo booths for corporate and Stampede events.

Stampede week, per my previous post, is a lot of fun.  A large portion of the city dresses western, kicks back, and parties for 10 days straight.  Pancake breakfasts and bbq lunches feature largely – some private, some public.

I’ve had a lot of fun shooting the spirit of the west.  Authentic Western Productions provides the costumes, backdrops, handsome cowboys and weapons (deactivated), while I get to capture the entertainment.  Highlight for me this time was unexpectedly being able to capture some of the ‘gunfights’.  Facial expressions were priceless as they waited for, or were surprised by, the bang.

Had to include a few decor shots (also provided by AWP). My son was part of the advance setup team – and has since spent the week examining other western fences as we’ve driven around town – proclaiming several below his standards.


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  • Dianne

    These are fabulous photos, Suzan. Stampede Week sounds like it would be a load of fun! 😀

  • Bente

    Lucky you, some hot western photos. Great ones, and I love that saddle.

    • SuzanMcEvoy

      Thanks Bente. There are some wonderful saddles around town. I like the older well worn look. The new ones can be extremely gaudy and blingy!

  • Johanna Bradley

    Love the third shot! And those crazy hats 🙂

    • SuzanMcEvoy

      I love hearing which shot appeals to different people. I always tell my couples when shooting weddings that I’ll love some, they’ll love some, and their parents will love some – and chances are each one will have a different favourite. I’ve got one I absolutely love, but the bride doesn’t like her nose in it. My personal fave in this one is the last one. The expression on her face was priceless!

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