Travel Theme – Brown (A scenic tour of the Drumheller area).

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This year’s flood devastation has left a lot of my favourite haunts to the west looking less than picturesque – debris 20 feet into trees, gravel beds where rivers once flowed, and washed out bridges remain.   Less than 2 hours east of Calgary are some spectacular archaeological formations – layered canyons with a winding river, and fast eroding hoodoos.

Apart from the Royal Tyrrell Museum and Drumheller, I really haven’t explored the area in any great depth.  What better way than a back road drive?  I left before dawn hoping the sun would break through the clouds long enough to produce a spectacular sunrise – no such luck.  I did bookmark a beautiful red barn in rolling hay fields for a drive-by on the way back.

Once again, moose eluded the lens although I did spot one in the distance crossing an open field.  Wildlife have a tendency to disappear at the first sign I may be stopping.  That applied to the ducks and geese on the various ponds who took off in great flocks as I slowed.

At this time of year ‘brown tones’, ranging from warm chocolate to rich gold, dominate the landscape.  Eastern Alberta is particularly dry – a perfect fit for this week’s travel theme of ‘brown’.  Scenes include the hoodoos near East Coulee, Atlas Mine (recently featured on the Amazing Race Canada), grain elevator, abandoned church and playground ride from ghost town Dorothy, and various harvest landscapes along the way.

For those interested in the route it was Highway 564 east of Calgary, across Highway 56, over to Range Road 180, down Highway 848 into Dorothy.  Then various stops along Highway 570/10 with a quick detour up Highway 573 and across fields on a gas pipeline track! (And the reverse home.)

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  • Bente Haarstad

    Nice photos, and nice new blogg, but I can’t press Like, it doesn’t load..

    • SuzanMcEvoy

      Thanks Bente. I’m looking into that – thought we had that fixed a while back. Grrr!

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