Our entire trip (August 2019) to the Oregon coast had been filled with blazing sunsets and long lasting rich deep colours. Locals told us virtually no evening sea mist was a rarity, as were the constant mid 20’s (celsius) temps.

An impromptu drive up to the Heceta Head State Scenic Viewpoint to stretch our legs after supper, didn’t disappoint. My hubby and daughter wandered up to checkout the lighthouse. (Look closely, and you can see its glow in the trees.) I was happy inhaling the salty air.  I played with reflections, and watched the swoop of the birds,  while listening to soft waves break.

The tide was out so caves revealed themselves in the cliffs, and rippled pools along the beach glowed rich shades of apricot. This was one of the last images of the night (probably a good 50+ more prior to that.) I can still hear the call of the birds waning, and feel the warm touch of humidity on my skin.  The sun finally set.


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