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Photos With Finesse by Suzan McEvoy


The past 18-months have given me an opportunity to get in touch with my ‘fine art’ and scenic side once again.  Back to my photography roots really!  Landscapes, Floral and Wildlife are up and running with lots more to come.  They make great gifts and come in a wide variety of print options and sizes.

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Fine Art Photography, Alberta Landscape Photography, Southern Alberta Scenery, Travel Alberta


If you can dream it, let Photos With Finesse help you showcase it.  I’m an award-winning, Calgary-based Event Photographer with a huge variety of events in her portfolio.

  • Not-For-Profit Rates
  • Fully Customized Quotes

Pandemic On-Site Protocol CertifiedI take the business of Live Events seriously!  (PS. I’m also fully vaccinated.)

Pandemic On-Site Protocol Training

Brand Photography

Your Brand Story is crucial to your business.  Don’t forget to keep your websites up to date with fresh images.  Photos With Finesse can help your brand stand out.  Let us photograph your business in action.  Your safety protocols.  New product offerings.  New services. And most of all, you and your team.  Your brand is more than just your logoCheck out our packages.

Family & Pets

We take photos as a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone – Unknown

Looking to update those family photos?!  Added a new pet to the menagerie? Having a family celebration?  We can help with that too!



  • 2021 Finalist – ILEA Esprit Awards (Results in August)
  • 2018 Winner – Canadian Special Event Industry – Best Event Photography – $98,000 Dream Wedding
  • 2018 Winner – Calgary Event Awards – Outstanding Supplier, Photography & Video
  • 2016 Winner – Canadian Special Event Industry – Best Event Photography.
  • 2015 Winner – MPI Rising Star Award

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