I know – this is isn’t quite Southern Alberta Scenery. But, it’s still scenery, it’s gorgeous, and it deserves a flashback to the glorious evening it was!  Picture August 2018, a heatwave, flat calm waters and a gorgeous soft sunset.

My hubby and I had been touring the Sunshine Coast for a week.  Unprecedented heat (temps above 30C daily), and a tiny hint of forest fire smoke haze gave an ethereal look to the scenery.


I’d been feeling a bit antsy after dinner one evening, so decided to go check out one of the beaches we’d seen on the map, but hadn’t visited yet. The hubby declined, opting for a tranquil evening back at the fabulous rental suite.  Sargeant Bay Provincial Park promised rocky headlands, a lagoon, and a wetland.  Sounded perfect for me, my camera and, perhaps, some birdwatching.  What I didn’t expect was the beach to be deserted.  I had it nearly to myself, which was added bonus!  Optimism prevailed with signs at the start promising a plethora of bird and marine life!

A few gulls called off in the distance. Chirps and flutters punctuated the wetland but, despite an unusual level of patience for me, nothing materialized!  That’s ok. The warm, slightly humid salty air, the sound of the water gently lapping on the shore, and the popping of a campfire up the coast a bit were more than enough!

I  meandered up the beach, pausing here, there and everywhere, and finding natural seats to stop and appreciate everything around me.

The Heron

Out of the corner of my eye I caught a flicker of movement on the far end of the flat calm lagoon.  I was delighted to discover a Great Blue Heron playing statue.  I inched forward, knowing they’re quite timid.  It posed for quite some time before shooting off to a headland to hunt for dinner!  (Marine life was as absent for it, as me, because I didn’t see it catch a thing!)  I only had two clicks to get the movement and was delighted to find one actually in focus!  Kind of looks like a missile launch, don’t you think?

The Sunset

Meanwhile, everything moved in slow motion.   My relaxation was complete.  The ocean fills my soul each and every time I visit. (And makes me question why I don’t live closer to one!)  No demands, no conversation, just ‘being’.   Even the sunset didn’t go out in a blaze of glory.  The soft glow matched the gentleness of the evening.  Wispy clouds punctuated the sky. And the sun disappeared behind the headlands in a soft rosy glow.


What triggered this trip down memory lane?  I had the featured image (Sargeant Bay – Soothing the Soul) blown up in to a 24×36″ framed canvas, for my newly painted den, and it looks absolutely amazing.  It brought back all the wonderful memories of that night.

All my images are available for purchase. Some of these haven’t made it onto the Fine Art page of my website but if you see one you like, please reach out.

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