I felt ‘cooped up’, after a couple of busy weeks with family sessions. I was also bearing a general mental attitude that needed a time out. So I decided to head to Waterton Lakes National Park after Thanksgiving, for a mini break. With only two hotels open, and a forecast predicting a major blizzard at the end of the week, I optimistically planned the perfect ‘gap’. The 9-hour journey down (normally a 3-hour trip for the straight A to B traveler) had produced some amazing vignettes of southern Alberta scenery. (I will write another full post detailing that adventure). I finally started to breathe.

This particular image was up the Akamina Parkway – aka the Cameron Lake Road. Closed since the devastating 2017 Kenow wildfire, it had just reopened following a full reconstruction of the melted road. The extent of the wildfires from the ‘front’ side (and amazing wildflowers the year after) had blown my mind.  I still wasn’t prepared for the power of imagery seeing four full mountains, for endless kilometres, with the burned out aftermath. Pillars of white aspen trunks, scarred with black, in every direction. This particular stand had me leaping from the car as ‘the spirit of the Akamina’ called to me, representing the resilience of Mother Nature. I returned from that trip (arriving about 15 minutes before the blizzard hit home), more relaxed, and with images I loved from the many stops along the way.


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