I was returning from an intimate event where I’d captured a few decor images.  A retirement party for an industry friend.  Another strange moment of 2020.  Working in a huggy industry and not wanting to be hugged.  Masks were on unless eating and drinking, but social distancing was 100% not happening.  Today is the one year anniversary of that party and we’re finally starting to return to normal.  I attended an event the other night and felt completely comfortable!!

The highlight of that evening though, was the drive home.  It took me 45 minutes to complete the 10 minute drive.  Having ‘the good camera’ in the car was an added bonus as I went chasing rainbows from a passing thunderstorm.  I knew Costco  had good unobstructed views to the east. Good views don’t have to be out of the city!!  I only found a couple of rainbows, and they fizzled out pretty fast.

But then I turned around…. (great photography tip – always look behind you! You never know what you’ll find!)

The sky was starting to light up.  I also knew that I needed more wide open spaces.  I took a chance on a field behind the dump (again, not the first place your mind leaps to for great pics LOL) that I knew had still been unpopulated a couple of years before and was only five minutes away.  It was still there.  Even more delight when there was a small pond in the foreground.  A quick u-turn and I was perfectly positioned.  Forget lighting up, that sunset blazed into full glory, and lasted for ages.  This sky was on fire!!

Another car drove past.  A beautiful woman with a Caribbean accent hollered, “OMG, OMG, this is so amazing.  You have the right idea.  We must stop!!”  She u-turned and pulled off further up and, with her daughter, pulled out the cellphones and celebrated excitedly.  Mother Nature reminded us that no matter what uncertainty we face, life is still beautiful.   But Desmond Tutu said it best, “Hope is being able to see that there is light, despite all the darkness.”

I carried on a few minutes further up the road just to watch it fade.  I’d hoped to see a mountain backdrop, but they were barely visible in the distance.  I was just happy to sit and listen to the birds singing, the crickets chirping and yes, even the odd mosquito buzzing.


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